Euro Privacy

Addressing the emerging privacy and personal data protection norms

The European Centre for Certification and Privacy is on the front line of certification addressing the emerging privacy and personal data protection norms and regulations. It manages the EuroPrivacy certification scheme covering the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Swiss Data Protection Act. EuroPrivacy provides a reliable and highly efficient solution to:

Audit and analyse compliance with European data protection regulations

Certify conformance with GDPR and other relevent data protection regulations

Identify financial, legal and reputational risks related to data protection

Improve the level of data protection through surveillance audits

Build trust and confidence for customers and stakeholders

EuroPrivacy certification scheme has been developed with cutting-edge expertise from European research projects on privacy, data protection and cybersecurity. It is continuously improved by an international Board of Experts in order to take into account the evolution of international, European and national norms. It is also designed to address emerging technologies, such as Internet of Things and Smart Cities with the support of international experts specialized in this domain.

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