Working in very close cooperation with several European partners

The European Centre for Certification and Privacy is working in very close cooperation with several European partners including:

The SECAN Lab of the University of Luxembourg is a leading European research centre in cybersecurity and ICT technology, including SDN, NFV and IPv6.

Archimede Solutions coordinates an international network of experts and is actively engaged in several H2020 European research projects on personal data protection, cybersecurity and certification. It coordinated the development of the EuroPrivacy certification scheme in the H2020 Privacy Flag project. 

The IPv6 Forum is a world-wide consortium of worldwide leading Internet vendors, Industry Subject Matter Experts, Research & Education Networks, aiming at improving technology, market and deployment user and industry awareness of IPv6.

The Istituto Italiano per la Privacy is a leading European centre of expertise in privacy and personal data protection, encompassing national and European norms and avant-garde best practices for data valorization.

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